Women’s Safety

Women's Safety DON'T BE A VICTIM WOMEN'S SELF DEFENCE EMPOWERING WOMEN SHE OVERCOME WHAT WAS MEANT TO DESTROY HER! Q: How does self defence empower women?A: Self defence is the…

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Knife Defence

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Knife Defence Self Defence Browse: Home SELF DEFENCE AND PROTECTION KNIFE DEFENCE CLASSES NEW FOR JANUARY 2020Rough N Ready Real Kickboxing will be starting a Knife Defence Course starting from…

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Women Classes

Women Classes WOMEN'S ONLY SELF DEFENCE CLASSES From January the 10th we will be running Self Defence Classes for Women. You’ll be inspired to reach your goals in a safe,…

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Kapap UK (Official)

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THE OFFICIAL HOME FOR KAPAP UK THE OFFICIAL HOME FOR KAPAP UK  You’ll be inspired to reach your goals in a safe, friendly environment with our Black Belt Instructors.Have a…

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